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Decentralize Your Worker.

Are you looking for complete Virtual Office Solutions? If yes, Avail the most cost-effective and professional Virtual Office Address for GST, and Business Registration across PAN India.

Start from ₹ 499/month

*minimum 3 people to get this service

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Features & Amenities

No More Boredom at

Here is what we are providing to people who hire us

Free flowing coffee/tea

Get access to unlimited cup of caffeine in our state of the art cafeteria!

Free wifi access

Unlimited access to high-speed internet to ensure smooth functioning!

24 hour open

We are open all day and night so that you can access your business anytime.

Free parking

We validate your parking so that you can work stressfree with us!

Support Center

Got a problem? Just Give us a call and let our executives takeof the problems!

Business community

We made networking really easy, bringing Business communities in the same space!

Weekly Events

We host events every weekend so that you can end the long with a bang!

Library Access

Get access to every book and information you may ever need to grow your business!

Discount up to 25% for
new members.

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Pricing plan

Simple pricing. Tons of


499 / Month
  • Name Plate
  • Address / Postal Address
  • Communication Address
  • Mailing Address


799 / Month
  • Bronze Pack (Included)
  • Business Registration
  • GST Registration


999 / Month
  • Silver Pack (Included)
  • Bank Account Opening


5999 / Month
  • Gold pack (Included)
  • Personalized Reception

Auditional Service

Meeting Room

₹1200 / Hour

Get a fully furnished corporate meeting room with video conference capacities. Minimum booking for 2 hours.

Printing Service

₹5 / Prints

Get your important documents printed at minimum rates and get your business going!

Business Adress

₹30 / Hour

Get a fully furnished office space for your business along with all the amenities at our world-class office condos.

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